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Regency Group - We are experts in providing consulting and business services for mid to large level organizations. We offer a complete range of software and consulting services such as ERP Implementation/Support, Business Technology Consulting, Custom Application Development, Re-engineering and Sustenance. We provide and harness innovative management consulting and information technology solutions, to leverage technology in current e-business stipulated economy. We understand and help you gain a recognition of how to move your business forward in this competitive space, and then we create and implement the solutions necessary to turn concepts into reality project.

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Regency helps its partners define the components that make up their overall information system, and provides a plan that enables them to manage their IT investment to better achieve their business goals. This helps them attain the right balance between operational efficiency and business innovation while ensuring that the organization has an integrated strategy that addresses business processes, technology, data and security issues.

Business Process Consulting Corporations need to ensure that their internal systems can adapt quickly to business changes brought on by growing competition, changes in the political landscape, rapid organizational growth or other internal and external factors.



Regency Group helps you define your future today by providing you the professional consulting services. Our experienced consultants provides you with the right advice and solutions with your best interests in mind. Regency Group's services combine our deep industry knowledge with technology expertise that brings real enterprise value to you.

Type of industries supported:

  • CPG & Retail Industries
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Finance and Investment Banking
  • Government Services
  • Healthcare and Bio-technology
  • Hospitality
  • Information Technology


Promoting success among our clients and partners while adhering to our principles. To build an effective infrastructure that will help our clients achieve their strategic technology goals and make them compatible with future markets

To consistently deliver unparalleled, quality results to our clients. To ultimately ensure that our employees are able to reach the expectation of our clients, the uniqueness of which makes us superior compared to our competitors.


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